Scrap Value

Many factors go into the assessment of a car scrap value. The most crucial element in assessing the scrap value of the Car is the demand and market value of the vehicle at that particular time. Please read our guide below to gain a better idea.

The type and condition of the Car

Naturally, some cars are worth more than others, depending on the model and the company of the vehicle. A running automobile, even if it runs very poorly, will still get a higher value than a car that is completely totaled.

If your Car is totaled or runs in a lousy condition, it might do you well to get the status of the Car assessed so that you can have answers for when the buyers start questioning you. You may be able to get more money if you know what’s wrong and you know the costs to repair it.

In any case, knowing precisely what’s wrong with your Car is going to put you in a better position than not knowing anything at all.

Evaluate the market demand

Carry out market surveys to find out the average estimated price of your cars specific make and model. You can also carry out surveys from the comfort of your home by checking ads online of vehicles similar to your own.

Market Surveys will help you be able to determine the market value of your Car correctly, and this will help you be more aware of the market price of your vehicle. Even if your Car is completely totaled, you can still get a higher crap value if your vehicle is worth more.

How to calculate the car scrap value

You can calculate the car scrap value via COE rebate and PARF rebate all this may sound confusing; however, we are here to assist you. Call us for a consultation, and we will ask you about your car details and do all the calculations for you.

Once you let us know the details, you will also get an obligation free offer, which means that you can decline the offer if you feel your Car is worth more or if you want to survey the market for more information.

Consider exporting your Car

If the condition of your Car isn’t that bad, you can also consider shipping it abroad. The export of your vehicle can help you get a higher value than selling it for scrap. Our car exporter service is always available, and we are direct exporters, so you will still get a higher rate because there will be no middle man charging a commission.

We buy cars that are due for scrap at high prices!

Rest assured that you will get a high price for your vehicle from us!

We export directly; therefore, no middleman can bring down the cost and, as a consequence, your profit from the transaction.

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